Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quentin Tarantino in the Philippines: So, Quentin Tarantino it is!

Hi. Sorry if I haven't visited for such a long time. So many things have happened the past two months that I haven't really taken the time to write things down.

There was the ASEAN Performance and Arts Workshop (July 26 to August 8, 2007) where I met a wonderful batch of Asian artists from ASEAN member nations. The range of arts experiences they all brought with them were all so varied and enriching that I knew I could not win any "Best in Talent" award if there ever was one during the cultural night. I am humbled and elated again by the thought that the universe had, again, found a way to bring me into such an experience with Asian artists. I had many constraints holding me back from leaving the country at that point (and well, for this period) but I guess I needed that experience, too, to bring me back to my other self...the creative self, which is my more powerful self. So, the universe found a way, and I cannot imagine the elaborate means and ways the universe bothered itself with bringing in these artists to my side of the planet-from the manifestation of the invitations to each country, to the processing of the tickets of the various artists, to their actual presence there in the workshop with me. I am in awe again of the power of the universe in actualizing things, when I least expect it, but just at the exact moment when I am ready for it.

Then, the following Wednesday (August 15), just when I thought I had missed out on seeing Quentin Tarantino (yes, the director) in person, I encountered him in Malacanang where an event involving my office was held. So, that explains the photo here. :) I could not possibly have maneuvered or even afford, at the least, any encounter with him (I don't even have a visa to go the United States). But hey, the photo is here and I could just raise my kisses to the universe.

And last August 17-18, I was sent to a two-day seminar that I was not even intent on attending (a seminar on good citizenship, imagine that). But then again, there I encountered, for the first time, the idea on "social artistry" espoused by Jean Houston, author of "A Passion for the Possible." And I know in my heart I made the right decision in coming to that seminar despite the typhoon that passed through the city that day.

So, again, my soul is delighted to write these things here.