Monday, June 22, 2009

On Loving

I was reading through an entry of Migs in his blog: titled "Twenty Four and Loveless Yet," and I was particularly happy to read about the response Migs posted culled from the blog

Here it is:

"its also sad that some people feel that romantic love is lacking in their lives. and some complain of being lonely, lonesome, alone...

perhaps some of these people focus too much on what they don't have, i.e. no love in their lives. and whining about it just makes the thought expand. always mentioning this will just reinforce it further, a vicious cycle.

so turn it around. stop thinking you don't have love. stop focusing on what is lacking in your life. start by recognizing that there are so many people around us who love us and whom we can love back! family, friends, people we work with... then you become thankful sincerely of what you already have: this wonderful people around.

Then start loving. It's an action word. start focusing your energies on making people you love happy: your father and mother, especially your parents, your grandparents, your officemates, your friends and barkada. spend time with them, make them laugh, make them feel appreciated. then extend to other people in dire need of loving: the poor, the elderly, the abandoned, the orphans and widows. just keep on loving and loving.

this way, you stop focusing on what you don't have and you start focusing on loving people around. you end up sending signals of love to the universe. and that is what the universe will give back to you. love, in all its forms, perhaps including romantic love.


All together now, say with me, "I love love love!" :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Niece's Drawings

Last Sunday, I had a fun time with my niece Hannah, 4 years old. She had her pen and paper with her, and so I asked her to draw things randomly. After drawing one, she'd show it to me, and then ask me for another thing to draw. And I was amazed by the mental images she had of the things I told her to draw! Among other things, I was floored by her rendition of McDonald's! I try to take her there whenever I can, and she always waves a goodbye to the McDonald's arch post outside when we leave. And yet, for the local fastfood chain Jollibee, she opted to draw the mascot itself. Also, there is her perspective of the airplane (which now, I recognize as the plane that she frequently sees in the dreamboard of her Tita Erel pasted on the room's wall). And the horse! I taught she'd find it very difficult. But she showed me her horse and I was awed.

I am speechless. And proud. :)

Here it is (click image to enlarge):