Monday, December 8, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy, New Print Models for a Stomach Acid Product!

On my way to my LRT ride yesterday, I saw this mint new tarpaulin ad of the now famous Moymoy Palaboy!

The brothers behind Moymoy Palaboy are now print models for a new stomach acid product !

For those who do not know Moymoy Palaboy (yet), just key in the name MoyMoy Palaboy via google and you are bound to discover that Moymoy Palaboy is the name of the two lip-synching Filipino siblings: 25-year old James Ronald Obeso(a.k.a. Moymoy) and his younger brother Rofil (22 years old, and the one who dons the unruly wig). Moymoy Palaboy debuted on the Internet in February 2007 and has since had a cult following among netizens, capturing sizeable hits and views for their uploaded videos of lip-synched music.

The most-watched Moymoy video is still the brothers’ versions of the Spice Girls’ song “Wannabe,” now with more than 4 million views and counting.

Since launching their lip-synching careers from their Pasay apartment, the two have gained popularity and are now seen as mainstays in the Iyo Tube portion of Bubble Gang, a popular GMA-7 show. And to think they just did their YouTube gig on a whim!

My hats off to these two guys!

Here is the "Wannabe" video:

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