Monday, April 27, 2009

A Camel in Ilocos

When I was a kid, I recall that my early surprises in my zoo visits were seeing a long necked giraffe, a tiger, a lion, a hippo, an alligator in Manila Zoo--these were never before seen animals for me, animals that were only seen in books and National Geographic tv features. They were all, should I dare term it, Overseas Animals (OA)! Then also, two years ago, I remember my very first sighting of a brown bear and a llama (a llama! imagine that!) in Tagaytay.

On my recent trip to Ilocos with my friends (April 15-19, 2009), I was surprised to see, this time, a camel! :) This was in Ilocos Sur, in Baluarte Zoo, the once private resthouse of Gov. Chavit Singson now turned into a zoo open to the public.

So, here's my photo with a camel. Yes, the one eating the grass. Haha.:)


anne said...

hi rei!

i am from ilocos but i've never been to chavit's zoo. i've seen photos or videos but never actually visited the place. ILOCOS is great, right?! i missed you very much and all your beautiful literary pieces! can i say "writings?" anyhoo, am very glad to have found your blogspot!

write more. you are a great writer! i am a fan. love you! but that, you already know! :-)

Rei Alba said...


kumusta! how's china na? :) come back and show me a mean Chinese Opera :)