Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy April 2010! Dance Xchange 2010; Boracay

I had a wonderfully interesting and busy April!

One, I took on the job of being a liaison officer (in plain words, first-rate "yaya") to the delegation from Japan (the Senju Kabuki Dance Company) as part of the 2nd International Dance Workshop and Festival,” and two, I participated in the teambuilding of the office I work for.

The first was held in Capiz, Roxas City from April 15-20, 2010. It was the first time I took on such a job, which included meeting them at the airport upon arrival and sending them off as well. The “Dance Xchange 2010 was organized by the National Committee on Dance of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in celebration of the International Dance Day and in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 154, declaring every last week of April as the “National Dance Week.”

This huge event was participated in by 10 foreign dance groups including the Big Dance Company of England, Senju Dance Company of Japan, Dancemode Studio of Hong Kong, Mira Dance Company of Korea, Badan Budaya Univarsiti of Malaysia, Aswara Dancers of Malaysia, SIFAS of Singapore, Sri-Lankan Dancers, Lan Yang Dancers of Taiwan, the American Dance Center of Chicago and the Philippine dance companies from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR, namely Lahing Batangan Dance Troupe, University of Cordillera Dance Troupe, Next to Innocence, Sinukwan Kapampangan, Poseidon Dance Theatre, Samleyaw Dance Theatre, Double J Fullforce, USA Kawilihan Dance Company, Madayaw Cultural Ensemble, Capitol University Dance Troupe, Quezon City Ballet of the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet, PNU Kislap Sining Dance Troupe, TUP Kalinangan Dance Troupe, Professional Dance Teachers Association, Powerdance, Hwa Yi Ethnic Dance Center, and by more than a thousand workshop participants from the different parts of the Philippines.

What was amazing about this event was the outreach programs each dance group did aside from the dance workshops they conducted for the local participants. I had to match the energy of my group, whose kabuki dance session was warmly received by local dance teachers, as we transferred from one venue to another. It was quite a high to see locals eagerly attending to see all these different dances from different countries. The high point of the event was the closing ceremonies where each dance group performed another dance group's dance. Imagine my Japanese group performing the Singapore dance and so on for the rest of the groups!

A video clip of this event can be viewed at the facebook account of The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (I suggest you click "LIKE" to get faster updates from the NCCA).
Here is the video:

And here are just two of my hundred photos :) from the said event:

The Senju Kabuki Dance Company

Big Dance Company (England)

Dagway Sigmahanon
Here is a sample of the Dagway Sigmahanon performance:

The VMA Poseidon Dance Theater

The second major event I participated in was the NCCA Teambuilding in Boracay. Wow! It was a blast and we all worked together towards clarifying our thrust for the next five years or so.

Here is just one of my hundred :) other photos from Boracay:

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