Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Feet Brothers Ramonito & Laudito Mata from Bukidnon

Theirs is a story worth hearing.

Two poor brothers from the faraway land of Bukidnon get to watch the "Happy Feet" film. They try imitating the tap dancing that they have seen, and eventually get enough courage to audition for "Pilipinas (and why does this not have an "'s" as it should have?) Got Talent." They perform without a formal knowledge of tap dancing, and worse, without the right shoes for it. One of the talent show's judges, the Comedy Queen, cries on learning the brothers' story, and promises on national TV that she will buy them their tap shoes if they get past the audition. The brothers get all three nods from the judges, and the Comedy Queen makes good her promise, flying over to Bukidnon to buy the tap shoes for the brothers herself. With the right shoes, the brothers display enough talent to proceed all the way to the grand finals. On finals night, they bag the second prize.

This is the story of Ramonito & Laudito Mata from Bukidnon. We await the next pages of their story. And, we pray, on happiest feet.

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