Sunday, April 1, 2012

Slater Young Named PBB Unlimited Big Winner

Slater Young, the young civil engineer from Cebu emerged as PBB Unlimited's big winner! And the crowd that greeted him Saturday night (March 31) when he finally came out was equally ecstatic to see him!

The official PBB web site shares these basic info on Slater Young:

  • Real Name:Jan Slater Young
  • Origin:Cebu City
  • Age:25
  • Birthdate:1987-12-19
  • Nationality:Filipino
  • Occupation:civil engineer
  • Civil Status:
  • Religion:
  • Hobbies:board games, hanging out, going to the gym, competitive shooting
  • Favorite Color:white, blue, purple
My unsolicited advice for Slater Young? Develop his acting skills, groom himself to be the next Sam Milby, team up with Toni Gonzaga, and probably score an album or two. Do this for 5 years, then become a Senator (I think you have more skills in that area). Then, who knows? The Presidency should not be too far a goal to aim for.

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