Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Real Estate in the Philippines: Face to face with the Fil-Estate King

Aug 22 (2008), Ortigas.-- I attended the launch of the "new" Fil-Estate at the Mega Tent along Meralco Avenue.

It was a great event and old and new agents alike celebrated the strong comeback of the real estate giant. Fil-Estate Chair Robert John L. Sobrepeña was there to proudly announce to his Fil-Estate family about Fil-Estate's new found thrust:

"All our sales will be conducted with the new and effective Pre-Development system. This means that our products will be available for sale only when they are fully funded and substantially completed...Gone are the pre-selling days of model units and fancy brochures. I believe that if there is a risk on any project, it must be squarely on the shoulders of the developers."

As most would know, Fil-Estate was the hardest hit during the real estate slump, and many projects were of course affected. Sobrepeña assures people that they are now taking the reins again and taking up the challenge of developing real estate with the clients' best interest in mind, hence the new tag line : Real Estate, Real People.

I've been to the sites and they were incredible!(the photo above is the one near St. Luke's Hospital in Quezon City--it's a condo but it's in a townhouse style). In case you want to see their best projects to date, do go quickly to

And of course, I just got to have a snapshot of Mr. Sobrepeña with me that night. :)

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