Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meeting the "Dayo" Creators One Rainy Friday in August

Hey! :) Last Aug. 15, 2008, I got the chance to interview and meet in person Mr. Jessie Lasaten (the one in mocha polo) and his group at their office in Greenbelt Mansion in Makati. Wow! I had a grand tour of their office and I even got to see the resin figures they made of the main characters of their latest film "Dayo" (foreigner).

The film is the first all digital animation film made locally and they'll be entering it for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. It's a story about Bubuy and his adventures in Elementalia where he meets creatures like the local mananangal (winged half creatures). Mr. Lasaten says the budget for the film reached a total of $1million. They showed me a preview of the said film and I was amazed and proud that, finally, a 4-year old production company took on such a project.

What pushed Mr. Lasaten to do the film, he said, was that he was able to do, this time, a full orchestra score for "Dayo." He admitted that it had always been his frustration. Saludo naman ako sa kanya. Ang mga pelikula kaseng Filipino di ba lagi na lang isang kanta lang sa buong pelikula na yun. Un na nga ung title, paulit ulit pang pinapatugtog throughout the film, haayy. Hehe.

With me in the photo here are director Robert Quilao (in black shirt) and Erwin Escubio, finance director.

You can view a sample trailer of "Dayo" at

P.S. Also, I wrote an article on Lasaten and his team and the Dayo project. Do await for it in the November issue of Entrepreneur (Philippines) magazine.

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