Monday, September 1, 2008

Eryyne Eryyna, the 11-year Old Actress in "Congkak"

Sept 1, 2008 - Eryyne Eryyna, the 11-year old child actress in the Malaysian film "Congkak" made a courtesy call at our office with her director Ahmad Idham. Mr. Idham is also the director of the movie Mr. Cinderella where he also acted.

Eryyne speaks fluent English and looks a bit like my niece Sofia. I asked her about the paint they used on her body. She said that it was airbrushed onto her and took all of two hours to apply. She said it had been fun for her acting in the movie and had not been scared at all. The film is about a haunted house and a family who survived through it. The "congkak" or the "sungka" we know here in the Philippines, is featured in the film.

"Congkak" will have its regular commercial run in the Philippines on Sept. 10. For details, go to or search for it in youtube.

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