Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tahong chips, ampalaya chips, calabasa crispy strips, etc.

Yesterday, my journalist friend Roel Hoang Manipon brought with him tahong chips (local mussels grounded and fried), bottled and ready to eat adobong tahong, calabasa (squash) crispy strips, and even ampalaya (bitter gourd) chips. They were all from Bacoor, Cavite. The tahong chips and adobo were processed by the Ocean Fresh Tahong Products located in Siniguelasan, Bacoor, Cavite (tel. no. 046-434-1824 / 0918-6199689). The ampalaya chips is a product of Farm Delight (tel. no. 046-434-1824 / 0918-6199689). Roel informed me that they were also toured to old houses in the area and that he tasted some great halo-halo, whose ingredients had been handed down from one generation to another. I'll link you to his article once he's written it.

I tried the ampalaya chips and it has a bitter aftertaste, but nevertheless, is a true gourmet find (I suppose the part of the ampalaya that went into it were the leaves. A bit of a warning though: I felt a little dizzy eating this chips). The adobo tahong, too, was a bit peppery for me. The rest of Roel's treats I heartily ate away.


RNA: An Unread Legacy said...

Sir, you're indeed a fine writer.

-Rommel N. Angara

Rommel N. Angara said...

Sir, I've been reading your blogs, and I appreciate your brilliance of insight. -Rommel N. Angara