Sunday, September 28, 2008

The KFC Shrimp Surfers TV ad in the Philippines

My latest fave TV commercial, of course, is the one by KFC introducing their shrimp meal (KFC Shrimp Surfers) to its Filipino customers. For those who have yet to see it, this TV ad involves a group of male friends in a meeting room. One of them suspects that someone in their group is gay, and another comes up with a faster way of identifying this gay friend by pulling out the new KFC Shrimp Surfers. The gay in the group literally squealed with delight, with a pointing finger to match, modulating his voice to its base level just as fast when he became aware that his friends had found him out. But the heartwarming thing his guy friends did in the end was to give him a group hug, saying outright that they accept him for what he is. So, my congratulations to the advertising agent of KFC who did this KFC Shrimp Surfers ad and to KFC as well for being this cool about gayness in the Philippines.

Here's the TV ad:

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